Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Tripod!

I finally got my new tripod, so today i was really excited to try it out.Used it to take some self portait!Motions
So i was carrying 2 cameras,a tripod and a purse to Cain park...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010



I can see so clear.

Far beyond my sights,

immortal's eyes.

The Ocean,

Where we used to hide.

The chosen one has gone,

Beliefs are lies.

Other side,

Hiding in the shades of night.

Is that our land,

Burning so bright?

Sacrifice speaks, the end is nigh,

The mother's cry and her lost sight.

These dreams this high are only meant to die,

see through these eyes with doom day's light.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

To Ichiru --Zero

I wrote you the sweetest song, but now they are tearing my lungs.

I am a ghost without a home,
I am the wind you never saw,
I am a fish that weeps but no one sees,
I am the secret that when u fell down
broke your arm,
But never wanted to tell your mom.

I used to be longing for truth,
Now I'm deceiving my faith,
to see your face under the broke disguise.
I used to be the bird that never sleep,
Now i'm falling down from the mountain,
couldn't be awake.

I wish i was deeply white as the snow,
Eradicating the filth on your porch.
But your eyes darkened my soul,
Left me drowning in the sea i never approached.

If i was the ship you sailed in the ocean,
I'd sink myself for you to fade away,
If i was the prayer you were reading,
I'd remove the demon for you to stay.

This disease is getting worse,
Wondering in the desert for cure.
You are the cloud that never rains,
Burning my soul till nothing's here.


Half to death to home,
I still couldn't make it through.
Standing here alone,
Is where I sing the truth.

All I can see through,
this window, is the sky.
Hoping one day,
I can tear away this disguise.

Reaching up to the sky,
I had my first embrace.
Falling down unable to fly,
I traded it with my last breath.

Will this be my fate?
Will this be my fate?
will this be my fate?

As time goes by,
return to the sky,
with my transparent wings.


I believe everyone enjoys music.

I like to put my stories in to a song or a poem,

Instead of telling you the story,

Instead of making it too obvious to see.

I like to let them guess.