Friday, December 9, 2011


Ex-angel, Where art thou going now?

With transparent wings spread afar.

Fadeth away in the light of ether,

They fairest presence hath gone, yet remains.

Yet what remains, is thy fairest melody,

and thy crystalized soul with in my hart.

Fayre the song, when thy silver hair shines as

The midnight fall, embraces the wind flow.

Fayre thy soul, when the melancholy of thy harp

Overlays the never ending light, blind my sight.

Call out my name, and embrace me with thy wings.

Embrace me with thy wings, take me with thee,

To my side. Oh, lady of wisdom, Maiden of sidhe.

Ex- angel, I shall be thy wings, for thou to become

the healer of dawn, Thou replith, "Thou art I and I am thee."

P.S. I admit I am rather narcissistic. :)
Oh narcissistic me, I'd love to give it all to praise thee.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

12:28 AM

Dark hour of Midnight,

Endless Tower and its eternal height.

My friend, Come and set us free,

And Indeed I am still in Persona 3.

Of My Anima and Animus(A Reply to William Shakespear's 144, from sonnet)

Two Loves I have, of comfort and warfare,

Which like two spirits do suggest me still;

The warfare angel is a woman fights fair,

The comfort spirit is a man offers dawn's heal.

To guide me through hell, my female goddess,

convinceth my male noble to be my side.

and strength my other soul with her promise,

Gifting him with her honor and pride.

And whether that my noble be turned courageous,

Suspect I may, yet not directly tell.

But being both from me, both being adventurous,

I guess we all have two angels in our shell.

Yet this shall I ne'er know, but live in doubt,
Till we all fight one another with full assault.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pride, Honor and Despair

Justice has always been a double-edged sword, so could authority be.
Abusing of power, as well as powerless incapable of being in control.
Absolute freedom surely is what I desire, yet the price I have to pay are my dreams,
along with my pride and honor.

I am no immortal, but merely a human being.
Along with my dreams, pride and honor, I have been accompanied with fear and despair.

I wish I have never been taught to fear.
I fear of my weaknesses, fear of being exposed with my weaknesses.
I fear of dependance of others, I am the only one I can depend on.
I fear of crisis, when things keep going in the opposite direction of what I desire.
I fear of lose, lose brings about the lost of my pride and honor, as well as lose of freedom.
I fear of despair, failure is never a word in my book.

Strength is not what we have been given since when we were born, rather, it is what we discover.
Victories seek for those who desire them.
I shall not despair,I am stronger than despair.
Nothing shall forstall me from my prevailing.
Thus, I see no sight of despair.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Anima & Aminus

Are we the soul that have been told to carry on,

Are we the songs that are destined to be forgotten.

Are we the memory that has been left behind,

Are we the ancients that no one sees.

Diving in to the sea, to search for the forsakenned memento,

Lost body form, fail to keep the memories written.

Imprisoned by the twisting spells, we are merely dreams.

Spectators of plague, observers of pain.

To Zanarkand (Original Lyrics)

I shall be their hope for the everlasting light,

Bringer of the calm after all they have endured.

Carry on the mission they have been hoping for,

Will they stand up with me till the very last moment?

Is this punishment for our sin,

Or are we, the playthings of fiend?

Though the thunder and through the rain,

Will my sacrifice be the reason of their peace?

Over come the dread I have hold for so long,

Beginning my journey with all of our dreams.

I shall fight for the calm we believe so dear.

Will they stand up with me till the very last moment?