Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Walking down the hallway of
this old abandoned castle,
She shivers as the night breeze
Passing through the worn down windows.
She continue following the voices that has been calling,
Carrying on her steps until
She reaches the room by the end of the corridor.
“This is where I need to be”.

Staring into this old cracked mirror,
She sees nothing more besides
The reflected image of the self
Pondering restlessly about the tome of the forbidden lore,
It is late, and it is half past four.

Day one, she reminds herself over and over
That the knowledge of the book brings about only disaster,
She should seize her wonder.
But another voice in her head tells her,
“ No, that can’t be it, and I wish for more.”

Day two, she thinks to herself,
Perhaps the lore of the tome will be a great help,
“Perhaps I need to be rid of my fear, throw away my doubt.
Just one page and never more.”
She finishes her reading, yet yearns for more.

Day three, she gives up her rationality vulnerably,
Flipping through the pages attentively.
Deceiving herself even more.
This utterly wrong,
But the wrong is what temps her to reach for more.

Here she is again,
In the last room of the castle’s corridor.
The room where ancient ritual took pace,
centuries ago.
This is where she found the grimoire
Filled with forbidden knowledge
that she was supposed to ignore.

Staring into this old cracked mirror,
she see something more besides
The reflected image of the self, nothing like before.
Wondering restlessly once again, “ is she truly I,
Or a blighted creature that I abhor.”

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