Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Prison Cell

Though we may pass the same time
And see the same sight,
What we hold in our heart are never the same.

Every morning, I wake up seeing the same sight, breath the same air.
Beyond the cell, through the rusty prison bars,
I see only a deserted field where the sun has dried up the soil,
Long ago, before I was brought here.
I dream, dream of the memories that only exist within my heart.
The memories of my past,
Before I was branded the name “sinner”;
But I had never been free.

When the day you showed up in my cell,
You told me the prison door has never been locked,
You told me to break free of the oppression,
You told me to run away,
From whatever has been holding me back.
Tempting, however, I refused,
There is never freedom for me to have,
A slave are never supposed to be free,
Ever since the day of my birth.

Yet you told me I was the one who take
my own freedom away,
There has never been a prison cell to bind me,
Nor has there been a master for me to serve.
I am never a slave.

Your every word craved into my heart,
And I soon realize the truth when everything around me disappeared,
The prison, the dessert, the dried up air,
Everything was only a figment of my imagination.
I created all this to isolate myself from the world.

You were gone, as well,
Your face, you voice, your image
Only existed in my head,
Yet you free me from myself.
Who...are… you?

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